Multiple Choice Survey

During this unit we discussed several different Multiple Choice surveys used in our various fields. I was most surprised by the lack of validation and purposeful design with the surveys in my field. Perhaps I should have expected it as the FMCE was created in the 1990’s but having no validation and even admitting to lack of face validity was surprising to me. I felt the other fields did a much better job of validating their instruments and reporting on that process.

I’m hoping when Alex comes in the next few weeks that he shows us how to use the jMetrik software or something else to do some of the tests everyone else’s papers discussed. I feel that software is much easier to use than coding in Excel.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Choice Survey

  1. I have to admit, I’m almost dreading Alex coming and making us learn yet another software for data analysis. I feel like every single class I take insists that I learn the bare basics of a different data analysis software, and as such I never actually learn how to use any of them. It would be nice if we had some consistency from time to time. Still, I’ll give jMetrik a try; maybe I’ll like this one better!


  2. Caitlin, unfortunately, you aren’t able to be in JC, but we did an introduction to jMetrik as a part of that. Alex understands that some people weren’t there, so hopefully he will step back and you can work with some other folks. I can understand that having more consistency would afford certain opportunities. I hope the breadth and exposure can help you find solutions that might work for you long term.


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